Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Property Management Services: Lawn Service

In most neighborhoods the property with the most beautiful lawn is envied and many people think that a lawn of equal quality is unattainable by themselves. That is not necessarily true. A few basics concerning fertilization, watering, pest control and mowing are necessary.

The foundation to a beautiful lawn starts with our professional service.

More Lawns Are Damaged By Using DULL Blades Than ANY Other Reason
Next Would Be Cutting the Grass Too LOW
Finally Improper Application of Fertilizers & Irrigation 

We can provide the necessary steps which help Maintain & Establish the "Perfect Lawn". Our lawn service provides the necessary dependable lawn mowing plus your lawn & landscape demands regular fertilization, pest control and careful watering. These are the necessary programs for lawn & landscape enhancement and we can provide such Service's.
At Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals and our parent company, Phoenix Property Services our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us with any service related questions.


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