Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to do & where to go???

Orlando, Florida offers so many places to go and so many thing to do.  We have a very full and comprehensive list @ that can help you find whats right for you.

Highlighted Attraction:  Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom Park is what springs to mind for most people when you mention Disney. The park does get busy so get there early and you'll see so much more. Stop by the home of the world's most famous mouse in 'Mickey Toontown Fair' and have a look at where the big cheese actually lives. Take a thrill ride across the galaxy on' Space Mountain', explore the ghostly happenings at the Haunted Mansion, or prepare to get wet with Brer Rabbit and friends on 'Splash Mountain'. Do try and catch one of the wonderful parades featuring some of your favorite Disney characters, and don't come home before you've seen the fireworks high above Cinderella Castle. It's a long day but an absolute must!

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